Work With Me

Online Coaching

Online coaching is a results-driven, personalized service designed to help you achieve your movement-related goals. Goals related to Handstands, Flexibility, and Strength. Through the online coaching, we'll work closely together to move you towards your goals all while learning more about training and more about your body.

The Online Coaching Process

  1. Video Consultation - The coaching process begins with a video chat via zoom where we'll get to know each other, discuss your goals, and lifestyle, and look into the details of the coaching service.
  2. Movement Assessment - Next, you'll go through a movement assessment where I'll send you a list of specific exercises for you to complete and record. This is so I can gain a deeper understanding of your current strengths and abilities. Each exercise will come with video examples. The videos are then submitted to our Telegram chat.
  3. Customized Training Program - Based on information collected from the movement assessment and video call, I'll design a customized training plan fit for your goals, your body, and your lifestyle. Each exercise in the customized plan will include a video example and explanation so that you're well acquainted with what you need to do on each exercise.
  4. Routine Communication - Part of your responsibility will be to routinely send me videos of your training. This helps to keep you accountable and allows me to analyze your movements and provide honest feedback. Each training cycle also includes one zoom catchup where we'll review your progress in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

Online Coaching Pricing

Full Online Coaching - $250/month with a minimum 3 month commitment.

Working towards multiple goals at once.

Single Goal Coaching - $130/month with a minimum 3 month commitment.

Working towards one specific goal.

How to Apply for Coaching

Easy! All you need to do is reach out anytime through the contact form or by DM on Instagram and we'll schedule the video consultation :)


What movements/skills do you teach?

Strength - Chin-up to one arm chin-up, push-up to handstand push-up, muscle up, planche, front and back levers.

Flexibility - Pancake, middle split, front split, backbends, head2toe.

Skills - Handstands, press to handstands, Mexican handstands, dragon squats.

How long is each training cycle?

Each training cycle will last approximately 6 weeks. Once the 6 weeks is completed, a new program will be created for you based on the progress made during the training cycle.