Educational Articles

The Importance of Logging Your Training
The purpose of this blog is to discuss the importance of logging your training, 3 reasons why, what to log, and 3 examples of how I log mine.

Agonist/Antagonist Muscle Pairs In the Front and Side Splits
This article reviews the relationship between agonist and antagonist muscles in the body and how they relate to the front and side splits.

2 Advanced Bridges Variations to Level-Up Your Backbends
The purpose of this article is to provide 2 advanced bridge variations to progress your backbend journey

3 V-Sit Variations To Supplement Your Training
The purpose of this article is to share 3 variations of the V-sit that I used to unlock my V-sit.

2 Beginner Friendly Backbending Exercises
The purpose of this article is to explore two introductory exercises for those interested in getting started with back-bending.

How Wide To Straddle Your Legs In A Pancake
The purpose of this article is to provide 2 important considerations for determining the proper straddle width in your pancake training.

5 Beginner Exercises To Progress Your Straddle Handstand
The purpose of this article is to provide a general framework for a beginner to progress their straddle handstand.

The Seated Goodmorning for Developing Pancake Splits
The purpose of this article is to explain how the Seated Goodmorning can be used as a supplementary exercise for the development of the pancake.

How I Setup The Wall Hip Flexor Stretch
This articles explains how to setup, progress, and program the Wall Hip Flexor stretch with backbend. The deepest hip flexor stretch around!

How We Choose to Load a Bar Impacts Our Training Outcomes
The purpose of this article is to explain the impact that load selection has on total training volume and training outcomes.

How to Combine Flexibility and Strength Training Into One
This article aims to provide a guideline on how to combine flexibility training and strength training in the same session.

Task Based Flexibility Training
This blog covers what task based flexibility training is and how it can be applied to flexibility training to enhance range of motion development

Blindfolded Handstands
Is the use of blindfolds for handstands useful or is it just a party trick?

Why Personalized Coaching over Pre-Made Programs?
Few thoughts on the tailored approach to coaching vs pre-crafted programs.

Learning To Handstand is Like Becoming an Engineer
Short comparison between the road to handstands and the road to engineering. Not long ago, a stranger said to me “I could never be an engineer”

From Engineer To Online Coach!
My story of how I transitioned from working as a chemical engineer to working as a coach in the health and fitness space.