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Why Personalized Coaching over Pre-Made Programs?

Why Personalized Coaching over Pre-Made Programs?

This article explores the pros to individualized coaching vs opting for pre-crafted programs.

I've been thinking about this topic quite a bit lately. Why would someone choose to pay significantly more for a personalized coaching service over the cheaper option of buying and following a pre-made cookie-cutter program? Both are going to lead you to the same result, right? Well, let’s peel the onion a bit.

First of all, we're dealing with people! Unique individuals with unique goals, unique lifestyles, unique experiences, and unique bodies. We're not dealing with transactions. The diversity that coaches see in the students they coach is massive! This poses a huge challenge. How could the same pre-made program give each of these distinct individuals the same result? In order for two people to reach the same goal, each needs their own tailored approach.

Let me explain:

We have a scenario with two people, person #1 and person #2. Each with the same goal of learning to move their legs in a handstand. Both are at a similar level where they can reliably kick-up into a straight freestanding handstand.

Person #1 may be mentally ready from day one to start their journey by kicking up to freestanding straight handstand and diving right into repetitions of transitions from straight to straddle handstands. This person would thrive on the challenge. They would use it as motivation to reach their goal. It's almost as if the extra challenge is adding fuel to the fire and increasing their desire to achieve their goal. It becomes a necessity. The pathway to moving legs is now lit.

Person #2 may be completely intimidated by a complex progression like straight to straddle repetitions. To the point that the movement induces stress and anxiety. The thoughts can sometimes sound like this…"I have to go from a straight handstand to a straddle handstand, hold it for a second, then go back to straight! Then repeat! 3-5 times! Every week for 6 weeks!!!!!" A nuclear bomb just went off in person #2’s head.

You can see where person #2 is going. That rep failed before it started. And the mental struggle only got worse as the session went on. To the point that it impacts the person's day and week. Some coaches think "this isn't a problem, just give the person long enough and they'll learn". I don't agree.

"Adequate stimulus must be provided"

Firstly, in order for a skill to be learned, an adequate stimulus needs to be provided to the body and brain. The brain collects this stimulus and during sleep will re-pattern the brain allowing for the desired adaptations to occur. This is rule #1. If the stimulus is not adequate, there will be no adaptation.

“Handstands make people happy"

And secondly, the coach's reality is totally wrong. Person #2 already gave up, they just haven’t told their coach.
This doesn't need to happen! Handstands are meant to be fun! Chris Gatti said it best. “Handstands make people happy". Let's keep it that way.

A quality coach would be able to identify these unique traits and would be able to tailor the training plan to fit each of the individuals. This is how I believe coaching should be done. Properly, not through cookie-cutter programs.

A tailored roadmap for each individual is the type of system that will provide quality, long-lasting, fruitful results.

"Nothing matters if there’s no results"

If person #2’s experience sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. I’ve also been there and so have many others. Hence, why I feel so strongly about personalized coaching. I will always prioritize my student’s progress above all else. Nothing matters if there are no results. A coaching principle that I live by.

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